Wedding Music Packages


Maria Wilson Music wedding music packages are back by popular demand!! They all include a Disc Jockey and a variety of ceremony and cocktail hour musicians. All packages include travel,[within a 60 mile radius of Harrisburg PA.] set-up and your day of music including wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and a four hour wedding reception.

We are offering %20 off of any wedding music packages booked by January 31st.2015

%10 of of any disc jockeys booked before January 31st,2015.

Disc Jockey Pricing is listed at the bottom of the page.

#1-Disc Jockey Pat Curtin with The Guitar-Violin Project -$1,500

#2-Disc Jockey Dave Stahl with Con Brio Strings Quartet-$1,800

#3-Disc Jockey Tony G with harpist Elisabeth-$1,400

#4- Disc Jockey Pat Curtin with professional guitarist Maria Wilson-$1,200

#5-Disc Jockey Bill Runkle with The Susquehanna Trio[violin, cello and flute]$1,500

#6-Disc Jockey Pat Frye with any string trio[violin,viola,cello] $1,500

#7-Disc Jockey Tony G with violinist Sharon Jones or Jess Kling-$1,200

#8-Disc Jockey Bill Runkle with pianist Jaye Grochowski-$1,300

#9-Disc Jockey Pat Frye with any woodwind trio-$1,600

#10-Disc Jockey Dave Stahl with guitarist Rusty Banks-$1,300

All of our disc jockeys are $850 for a four hour wedding reception.If you would like them for cocktail hour it would be $900.

If you would like them for a three hour reception the rate is $750